Community and Literary Events

We are committed to foster and increase the visibility of artists with and without disabilities in our community. Thus, in addition to our regular programming of performances and workshops, Antiheroes Project presents an array of sui-generis events to contribute to the cultural dialog in South Florida. Do not miss any of our invitations by subscribing to Antiheroes Project social medias and mailing list.

Tan miamense como sea posible (As Miamense as Possible) / Feb 2022 – Feb 2023

Open call to revitalize Hispanic theater in Miami and provide young artists with a platform to develop new works. Featuring a symposium on the history of Hispanic theater in Miami; a much needed community dialog.
Playwriting Contest (Guidelines ENG)Concurso de Dramaturgia (Bases ESP)

La escritura de la ausencia II (The Writing of Loss) / March, 2022

From the typing machines to the virtual literary platforms: A tribute to the female literature in Miami. Featuring 10 writers and one visual artist. Reading and Conversations, Performances, Video installations. Writers: Caridad Moro-Gronlier, Damaris Ferrer, Elena Montes de Oca, Elizabeth Mirabal, Legna Rodríguez Iglesias, Mara Jiménez, María Cristina Fernández, Marie Whitman, Mia Leonin, Susana Biondini. March 19, 2022.

Teatro para niños y exhibición de documental (Theater for children
and documentary screening)
/ February, 2019

This community presentation took place at Casa Amistad, February 16th, 2019 in Little Havana with the support of Carrfour Supportive Housing. It included the presentation of a work-in-progress of our first piece for children and the projection of Como cualquiera (Like Everyone Else). This open event was part of a program of workshops and conversations with the community of Little Havana, organized to amplify the outreach of the investigation launched as part of Barrio Babel, a theater performance and research venture which would premiere later in October of the same year at the Koubek Center.

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La Escritura de la ausencia I (The Writing of Loss) / October, 2017

This presentation grouped five female writers who somehow have ties of identity or origin with Cuba. Through an open conversation with the public on the subject of absence, loss and emptiness, Antiheroes led a discussion about the habit of reading in our community by presenting five different books: Chance Born -2016- by Mia Leonin, Las trampas del hambre (Hunger Traps) -2016- by Mara Jimenez, No nací en Castalia (I Was not Born in Castalia) -2016- by María Cristina Fernández, La isla de las mujeres tristes (The Island of the Sad Women) -2014- by Elizabeth Mirabal and Cantar de la Obrapía (Obrapía Chants) -2012- by Elena Montes de Oca.

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Como cualquiera (Like Everyone Else) / October, 2017

The first documentary material of Antiheroes, presented at Miami Dade College in October 2017 as part of the Disability Awareness Month. The 23 minutes work collects Scenes and Interviews with the team of Fluorescent Moon, and it was the educational component of the original project awarded by the NALAC Funds for the Arts of 2015-2016. Fluorescent Moon, which had been totally performed by blind individuals, achieved through the documentary the opportunity to explain how the team had managed to adapt different techniques to transform the memories of the blind performers into a theatre piece.

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The Secret Performance and premiere of Bohemia / September, 2015

A look at theater from within. Two shows in one night, presented on September of 2015 at Sala artefactus. The full-evening program included the result of the theatrical laboratory The Secret Performance, by Antiheroes Project, followed by the premiere of “Bohemia.” That night, Antiheroes proudly presented for the first a guest company and their show Bohemia, directed by Susana Biondini with her own cast of actors.

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Danays Bautista en Concierto (Danays Bautista in Concert) / July, 2015

Danays Bautista en Concierto (Danays Bautista in Concert) In July 2015, Antiheroes Project, in collaboration with the Centro Cultural Español (CCEMiami) presented for the first time in United States the Cuban singer and composer, Danays Bautista. An unforgettable concert that brought to the stage a talented musicians ensemble with the participation of a very diverse audience of South Florida.

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Nomads at Fat Village / July, 2014

An evening of performances, dance, music, poetry, film, and visual art presented by Antiheroes Project together with a group of friends and collaborators at World and EYE Arts Center, Ft. Lauderdale during the FAT Village Art Walk on July 26, 2014.

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